Audi Coupe GT


One guy from Vilnius loves his Audi Coupe GT made in 1985 a lot. We arranged a video shoot and meet up in Kačerginė, the temperature was about 30 degrees Celsius. It was kind of hot :D

Big thanks to Gabrielius for assisting me.

Audi Coupe GM 2015


This year we continued the tradition and gathered again. The most loyal Audi Coupe club members arrived, a shame that our number isn't increasing... :(

Like every year, we had a launch control flame competition :D

Audi Coupe quattro 2.8

DDD onboard video

So here's a run in Kačerginės Nemuno Žiedas track after the engine swap...

Audi Coupe 2.3 20v


Today I had a chance to see this Audi, also created a short video :)