Romainiai Fort

From time to time I take part in foto sessions with Kaunas City Foto Group. This time the idea was to take photos in Romainiai Fort. A day before I went to check out the place. Some ideas about a video came to mind. So I did the first part and waited for tomorrow to film the model too.

Audi A3

A video of Andrius Audi A3 1.8t quattro project.

Pompon floristikos studija

This time here's a different video. Not cars, but flowers.

Midnight Purple Miata

Finally finished the video about a Mazda Miata during the holiday season. A fun small car, a turbo upgrade is coming on year 2017.

Raceism Event 2016

I had a chance to visit the Raceism Event this year. Me and three friends of mine went to Wroclaw in Poland, the journey was quite long, but the event didn't let us down. There were lots of cars, most of them were "stanced", but some cars had the good old style "rims and drop". It took us about three hours to check all of the cars out.

We're …

Alfa Romeo 166 video


Here's a short video about Aurimas Aurimo Alfa Romeo 166. During this season he made a lot of mods and the result is stunning.

If you want to find out more about this car, visit  and read the article (in Lithuanian).

Audi S2 Avant


The title says enough. The owner took me for a ride in this car, so here's a video.

After that some technical issues arose, so the video came out a little bit short :)

Audi Coupe GT


One guy from Vilnius loves his Audi Coupe GT made in 1985 a lot. We arranged a video shoot and meet up in Kačerginė, the temperature was about 30 degrees Celsius. It was kind of hot :D

Big thanks to Gabrielius for assisting me.

Audi Coupe GM 2015


This year we continued the tradition and gathered again. The most loyal Audi Coupe club members arrived, a shame that our number isn't increasing... :(

Like every year, we had a launch control flame competition :D

Marius BMW E46 M3


I had a chance to make a video about a BMW M3 from a fellow auto enthusiast, who lives in UK. The owner and the BMW rode home to visit relatives, we made a short meet and I took a short video.

Thanks Marius for letting me test drive the M3, though it would have been better if the car was LHD :D