Metro Exodus impressions


Last night I finished playing Metro Exodus. To be honest I expected the ending to be different. But after some reading on the interned I realized what might have caused it. I have killed a person by accident who was surrendering. I think that I have also accidentally shot a slave, who was simply caught in gunfire. I was aiming at a bandit, but didn't see who was behind him.

What I liked:

  • Really loved the views, the atmosphere and various types of enemies
  • The ability to choose how to act in some situations
  • Quicksave helped a lot too
  • Loved to be able to modify and change weapons, crafting medkits and ammo

What I slightly disliked:

  • There were a few times when I couldn't kill a mutant when firing the crossbow. The bolt really did hit the head...
  • A few times I simply ran out of ammo and air filters
  • The maps could have been bigger and allowed more "free-roaming"

To conclude the game was not boring, there were only a few locations in which I struggled a bit. The worst case were some spiders in a tunnel, finally I simply ran past them.

The worst part was that this game was removed from the Steam store...