A hike near Kauno marios

A friend offered to take part in a hike near Kauno marios. The distance was 13 kilometers. I thought that it will be fun so I accepted the offer. Though the weather forecast made me worry a little about the chance of rain. We got some medium rain before the hike started. Some peope found places to hide, we tried to hide ourselves under some trees. The trees did not help, we got wet all the way to the underwear... One good thing that a waterproof backpack was present. So we hid our electrical devices and other stuff that could have gotten damaged by water.

A picture before the rain started.

We started hiking completely wet. But later the sun came around and dried us. First stop was near a local grocery store. We also played a game to win a ticket to an upcoming hike.

Later a stop was in the woods. The mosquitoes were happy... Also we had to go bare feet through the water, there was no other way.

We also crossed a swamp.

After we reached the finish we understood that we made a mistake with the route. Also we found no sign of the organizers and other participants.

After I came home I also found out that I had focused my lense wrong...