A friend named Vilius had an idea for a BMW video, I've helped with filming and provided my gear. Vilius version of the video was edited longer, mine is a quick one :) Mano versija

Viliaus versija

Thanks tuchkus, for guiding to this place. Had a lot of fun there, also made a video. A perfect trip.

2013 year recap


I created a video using footage from 2013 year archive.

First time trying on

I managed to get the original RH adapters for these wheels, all of them are 21mm wide. Rear wheels have 225/45 rubber, fronts 215/45. Took the car out, and so far the view is bad. The rear wheels sit too wide, they would be perfect without any spacers, but without them the wheel touches the susp...

Yet another 3 series


Continuing the series of the 3 series BMW. There's been a few this year :)

Changing the brake fluid

As time goes by the brake fluid has to be changed because the fluid parameters change, some water adds up and etc. I don't know when was the last time when my Audi has seen new brake fluid. Because of the new Brembo upgrade I'm going to change the brake fluid too. ATE Super Blue Racing is used, the...

White e30 by Matas


Started creating videos again. Sorry for the flaws.

DIY Dolly

Just finished making the "Dolly" which I also plan on using with making videos. This project became not that cheap, because the wheels with bearing have cost 38Lt. This time 3/4" PVC piping was used. Part list: PVC: 2x 7cm long pipes 5x 4cm long pipes 3x T joints ...

XC Kleboniškis 2

I have replaced the torn chain from the previous stage. And had a chance to take part in the last stage of Kaunas MTB XC cup. The last stage was in Kleboniškis forest. The course has not been finished beeing marked yet, I think I was a bit to early to arrive. The first kilometers looked quite easy t...

[email protected] instead of 3.3GHz

I've found a database witch overclocked processors. Checked the VCore voltage and was a little frightened, because the auto overlocking used quite high values. After a few attempts I've made a safe 4.5GHz speed from the stock 3,3GHz with a VCore of 1.320V (was more than 1.4V). So now I have a really...