Audi A3

A video of Andrius Audi A3 1.8t quattro project.

Bye bye ads!

I was exploring various "Raspberry Pi" projects and stumbled upon " pi-hole ". "Pi-hole" is designed to block ads using your own Linux hardware. Let's say you have a server or a "Raspberry Pi" sitting doing nothing. The installation to supported distributions is easy: curl -sSL https://install...

Pompon floristikos studija

This time here's a different video. Not cars, but flowers.

Coastline Trek 2017

Little that I knew what this hike will be. My friends asked if I want to join them, so I did. It was the first hike in my life too. I was only worried about bad weather and rain. The hike took place in Smiltynė, the most part of the hike was on the coastline. The hike was called "Coastline Trek" and...

Adobe Photoshop issues

For a while everything was ok. Suddenly Photoshop started "freezing" after opening a new file or creating a new one. It took a minute for Photoshop to unfreeze again. An internet search provided a solution: in Windows before starting the application hold down keys Alt+Control+Shift A dialog w...

Midnight Purple Miata

Finally finished the video about a Mazda Miata during the holiday season. A fun small car, a turbo upgrade is coming on year 2017.

Gopro Hero external microphone mod

I think that a few of Gopro Hero owners have noticed, that the onboard microphone is not suited for all situations. Especially when the camera is used on a car, then all you hear is the noise of the wind. You can of course buy a "dead cat" which helps to remove the noise, but a better option is an e...

DT Swiss XRC 100 fork

The bike is ging to lose some weight in 2017. Today I bought a DT Swiss XRC 100 front fork. It has a lot of carbon fiber, so the weight is only around 1.28kg. The current Fox RL F80 fork will now be able to retire :)

Polar M450 impressions

For about two years, well maybe even three I was cycling with a VDO speedometer. Unfortunately one day this year the speedometer stopped working. I decided to buy a Polar M450, which not only shows the speed, but the pulse and more. I chose Polar M450, because the M400 that I had before turned up...

Passed the inspection

So finally, after a year and a little bit more we passed the inspection. There were some fault too: bad exhaust fumes and the front wheels had some movement. As I later found out, I have forgotten to tighten the CV bolts, so problem solved now. It's nice to finally see it in daylight.