Xiaomi Mi Piston Air earphones

I was tempted with the small price and good reviews on Head-Fi and bought these earphones. Purchased them through e-bay, checking which sellers have authentic products, because many replicas are produced too.

Ubuntu Server and Owncloud

So let's try to host our own cloud storage. The last time I tried Owncloud was on a Raspberry Pi2, but the speed wasn't acceptable. So this time we are installing it in a server that has an Intel Dual Core cpu and 2GB Ram. Owncloud in short. Owncloud is a free file storing in the "cloud" solution,...

Raceism Event 2016

I had a chance to visit the Raceism Event this year. Me and three friends of mine went to Wroclaw in Poland, the journey was quite long, but the event didn't let us down. There were lots of cars, most of them were "stanced", but some cars had the good old style "rims and drop". It took us about three hours to check all of the cars out.

We're …

Trying on the bumper

Today I finished making the mounts for the bumper and tried it on. Now need to put some grille in the lower part.

Bumper received

Today I received the bumper from Artis. I visited the Drag championship held in Kazlų Rūda, talked with my friends there and also met Artis in person. The bumper is a fiberglass copy from an original Audi RS2 which belongs to Artis. I decided not to buy the fog lights, because the price is 300+...

Fiio X1 audio player

Today the Fiio X1 audio player has arrived. It can play .flac, .ape, .wav, .mp3 files, has no integrated memory, is called a portable Hi-Fi player. It's worth to mention, that you only get the player a USB cable and a silicone housing with a few stickers and protective adhesives. No earphones are i...

OnePlus X Overview

A considerably cheap and a good chinese smartphone. The operating system is Android, but it's developed in-house by OnePlus and is called OxygenOS, it's based on CyanogenMod. I bought this phone unintentionally, one day I was checking out what's good in the smartphone market and found that this "X"...

Alfa Romeo 166 video


Here's a short video about Aurimas Aurimo Alfa Romeo 166. During this season he made a lot of mods and the result is stunning.

If you want to find out more about this car, visit dopecars.lt  and read the article (in Lithuanian).

Audi S2 Avant


The title says enough. The owner took me for a ride in this car, so here's a video.

After that some technical issues arose, so the video came out a little bit short :)

Audi Coupe GT


One guy from Vilnius loves his Audi Coupe GT made in 1985 a lot. We arranged a video shoot and meet up in Kačerginė, the temperature was about 30 degrees Celsius. It was kind of hot :D

Big thanks to Gabrielius for assisting me.