Audi Coupe GM 2015


This year we continued the tradition and gathered again. The most loyal Audi Coupe club members arrived, a shame that our number isn't increasing... :(

Like every year, we had a launch control flame competition :D

Marius BMW E46 M3


I had a chance to make a video about a BMW M3 from a fellow auto enthusiast, who lives in UK. The owner and the BMW rode home to visit relatives, we made a short meet and I took a short video.

Thanks Marius for letting me test drive the M3, though it would have been better if the car was LHD :D

Fixing oil leaks

Oil leaks were noticed when going under the car from time to time. Times has come to fix them. So firstly the front-end was removed, noticed the snub mount rubber was shot too. Most of the leaks were through the oil pump gasket. There was also some oil leaking from the oil temperature sensor, a ne...

Widening the front rims

On season 2014 I was running with 8.5" rims in the front. To get the "fitment" right a 30mm wide spacer was used. But looking at the front and the rear rims the "depth" was different. I wanted to go wider with the fronts. I sourced some lips on german E-bay, and the rims became 9" wide. All I had...

Fighting with the bolt

The drill is spinning, hands are shaking, I'm drilling a hole in the bolt so I can put in a special bolt extraction tool inside (bought in Wurth shop). Bam!!! The drill bit breaks, so I'm taking another one and start drilling again. Looks like the extraction bit holds ok, trying to extract it. B...

Trying on the ABT A16

My hands are cold outside, but I simpy need to try the wheels!!! Thanks Rimas, for mounting me two tires on the rims :) So I install the rims and admire the view... I see the colors match pretty well. Some motivation to pull out the broken stud appears...

Assembling ABT A16...

I assemble one rim, assemble a second one. I check if I've tightened the bolts, and Bam!!! I start cursing... One bolt is broken :( Like Homer from Simpsons would say "doh!"... So I'm trying to make a cut with the dremel, so that I could try and unscrew the bolt with a flat srewdriver. But w...

Behold the size

For about 500 hundred you can buy 4 gigs of DDR3 ram, a motherboard and a two core Intel processor. Being used to bigger makes me smile while seeing this combination :) BTW next is a Nexus 4 phone :)

In dust we trust

Haven't seen this much dust in such a place (below the CPU heatsink). I think if the CPU was from AMD it would have said goodbye already. I cleaned all the dust but the PC still wasn't working. I suspect the motherboard is at fault.

Audi Coupe quattro 2.8